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“We all need warmth” – Great new Quechua TV advert

Regular visitors to Skipedia will know that we have a soft spot for Quechua.   We think their positioning is spot on and although there was some debate (see the comments) about the quality of their product, no one is claiming they are Patagonia or The North Face. Check out their new TV campaign below, which again just manages to capture the spirit of the mountains.  It’s about being able to commune with nature.  This ad nails it.

Marketing at the London Ski & Snowboard Show: Gallery

The London Ski & Snowboard Show returned to Earls Court for the first time in 17 years. We went along and took a look at how companies were going about their marketing this year, whether QR codes, Facebook and Twitter promotion or use of hashtags.

Over 50% of pensioners are on Facebook (and other interesting stats)

Some very interesting stats about UK social media usage in this great infographic from UMPF.  So much that’s commentable, but headliners to me are: - 77% of the UK adult population have an active Facebook profile - 32% use Twitter regularly - Over half of all pensioners are on Facebook What does it mean? 1. Forget the idea that social media is just for the young 2. Neglect Twitter at your peril 3. You must have a credible presence on Facebook as part of your marketing plan  - This is a blog post from Skipedia written by Iain Martin

Pre-season fitness 1974-style…

Was flicking through the seminal 1970s ski book ‘We Learned To Ski‘ yesterday and had to share this superb pre-season fitness regime – ‘Lifting the groceries’ 'Lifting the groceries' - This is a blog post from Skipedia written by Iain Martin

Using Twitter hashtags in advertising…

‘Your season starts here’ With just two days to the Metrosnow.co.uk London Ski and Snowboard Show, I found myself admiring this ad over the weekend. That strapline ‘Your season starts here’ gets it in one.  The season really does start with the London Show. 'The season starts here' But what about Twitter? I would have liked the poster even more if they’d included their Twitter hashtag #skishow11 or even a mention of Twitter as well. There’s been some good activity around the hashtag already and it’s helped create some pre-show excitement. If you really want people to use a hashtag and build ‘trending’ volume, you need to prom

‘War and Piste’ – the best ski season book so far?

"Highly entertaining" Could it really be ‘Wickedly funny’? A couple of weeks ago, I read a new book called ‘War and Piste’. I’ll be honest with you, I was expecting the worst from this ‘wickedly funny diary of a ski season’. When I ran Natives, I used to receive regular emails from season workers who had written a book about seasonal life. In the vast majority of cases, these books were never published. That was probably for the best: as Christopher Hitchens once noted: ‘Everybody does have a book in them, but in most cases that’s where it should stay.’ Previous ‘ski season’ books A few did make it into print however. ‘Cham’ by Jonat

Interview: Megève Tourisme’s social media marketing

Our recent look at the Top 10 French Ski Resorts on Facebook showed Megève a long way in the lead with over 33,000 fans. We recently caught up with Jean Marc Seigneur, vice-president at Megève Tourisme to find out more about their approach to social media marketing. Over 33,000 fans to date Is social media a key marketing tool for Megève? I studied Online Reputation for my PhD at Trinity College Dublin and was keen to develop social networking here in Megève.   In 2007, I set up my own social network for resort, called Mageva.com, with the aim of achieving more exchange and communication between local residents. In the last two years, in Megève, we have been focussing on Facebook. Sin

Why do chalet girls bake a cake every day?

Okay, not strictly anything to do with marketing, but just for fun… Don't let them eat cake..So why do chalet girls bake a cake every day? As far as I know chalets have always left out a cake for their guests to tuck into for ‘afternoon tea’. After a long day on the slopes, most skiers and snowboarders feel they’ve earned a nice slice of cake (or two, if you manage to get back to the chalet first!) Have you earned it? It’s generally suggested that skiing burns 350-500 calories per hour. But our – admittedly limited – testing, suggests that for all skiers, the true number is significantly less, and for advanced skiers, when skiing on piste, ev

Free Helly Hansen stickers on Facebook

I liked this offer from Helly Hansen that I came across this week. Just ‘like’ the page to get some free stickers. It might not appeal to everyone, but something for nothing usually works, and will be winning them Facebook fans (they’re nearing 10,000). Like the page and it takes you through to a data collection form, offering you the chance to subscribe for their newsletter at the same time. It’s not actually their landing page for non-fans (ie the page you arrive on if you haven’t ‘liked’ Helly Hansen already), but it is being promoted directly via Facebook. I haven’t seen any Facebook ads, but this would be a perfect sell and it wouldn

Living Social’s brilliant London taxi campaign

I have to share this superb campaign by GroupOn competitor, Living Social. We’ve all seen the branded London black cabs, but the campaign normally stops with the outside of the vehicle. In this case, unsuspecting passengers were invited to make a choice — carry on to their original destination, or ‘roll the dice’ and go for an exciting experience. Okay, it helps when you have a large budget, but you have to love this kind of innovation. This kind of viral marketing success is hard to pull off, but this campaign hits the mark beautifully. skipedia.co.uk

BUSC 2000

BUSC 2000 was the first of the modern BUSCs. Organised by Manchester Metropolitan University (or was it still a polytechnic back then?), the committee took a business-like approach to sponsors and students alike. Companies were starting to wake up to the value of the student pound, and BUSC 2000 was the first to attempt to monetise it. This poster – designed by their media partner, Fall Line Magazine – sums up the new approach: professional and slick, with top line sponsor, The Daily Telegraph, partnering Salomon, Switzerland Tourism, Animal, Natives and perennial BUSC tour operator Wasteland. Of course, as BUSCateers from back in the day will know, for whatever reason (cold fe

When automation goes wrong…

Lots of exciting new posts from Courmayeur? Automation saves time, but can lose fans I posted last week showing how automating your Facebook updates may not be the best idea. Scrolling through the pages that Skipedia follows on Facebook this morning, I couldn’t help notice some ugly automation. Lots of exciting new updates from Courmayeur? Courmayeur, I name you… I could only fit four Courmayeur posts into this screengrab, but there were more!  On the face of it, it’s great Facebook activity, with lots of new content. I was intrigued and had a closer look, only to be disappointed… Facebook ‘Notes’ ‘Notes’ are widely underused on Facebook.  A

Why automation doesn’t work on Facebook…

If only Facebook didn’t take up so much time… Phew. All this status updating and relationship building on Facebook takes time, doesn’t it? If only there was some quick way of automatically exporting my updates from other networks. Oh, there is you say? Great! Social Media Marketing is not free… Wrong! Facebook is ‘free’, but if you want to take social media marketing seriously you need to invest the most valuable commodity you can give – your time. Social Media Marketing is about building relationships. No one ever became friends with someone by listening to their voicemail. Brands need to find out what their fans want, to communicate with the

The ChamJam remembered…

In 1990, an argument between Val d’Isere and Chamonix over who had the best skiers resulted in the first ever ‘Boss des Bosses’. This bumps competition expanded to include, in differerent years, Verbier, Zermatt, Meribel, Courchevel and Val Thorens and became one of the highlights of every season worker’s season. Boss des Bosses >>> The ChamJam By 1996, the Boss was just part of a much larger event called the ‘ChamJam’. It’s easy to forget with the proliferation of music/action events in the Alps now that the ChamJam was a game-changer. It was the first event to feature the ‘new school’ of snowboarding action, bringing in the m

An epic social media fail…by Sunshine Village

An Epic Social Media FailThis story hit the news earlier this year, and is worth revisiting as it is an example of an epic social media fail within snowsports. The Story In December 2010, four senior staff at Sunshine Village were dismissed after an incident, allegedly involving the owner’s son, who was found skiing in a closed area and was escorted off the hill. The morale of staff fell further in January 2011 when the patroller who had removed the skier was also dismissed. This final straw led to a one day strike by other staff in support. They called in sick and the mountain was unable to open fully. So not ideal for Sunshine, but how did this become a PR disaster? The morning of the

The Top 5 Scottish Ski Resorts on Facebook

Following on from our look at the top resorts on Facebook in Austria and France, it’s now Scotland’s turn. With only five resorts, this didn’t take so long to research as the others, but please do let us know if we’ve any omissions or errors. In the meantime, here’s the Facebook chart for Scotland: The Top 5 Scottish Ski Resorts on Facebook 1. Glenshee Ski Centre (4875 fans) 2. Nevis Range (2838) 3. Glencoe Mountain Resort (2525) 4. The Lecht (1351) 5. Cairngorm (379) Glenshee has more Facebook fans than Val d’Isere As you’d expect, the Scottish resorts don’t tend to have as many fans as the top European resorts, but it tickled us to see that